Zhuji Fengze Power Machinery Co., Ltd.

用心做企业  真诚做产品 用心做企业  真诚做产品
用心做企业  真诚做产品 用心做企业  真诚做产品
用心做企业  真诚做产品 用心做企业  真诚做产品
用心做企业  真诚做产品 用心做企业  真诚做产品
Fengze Power Machinery

Perfect Power System


The company specializes in the research, development and production of compensators  in  coal-fired  power  plants, gas  turbine  power  plants, and  other  fields. It has independent research and development patents, product design, innovation, manufacturing, quality  inspection  and  other  technical  capabilities.

The compensator is independently developed and produced by the company and has been widely used in major units at home and abroad, including slag coolers, ignition ducts, feeder parts, furnace outlets, external beds and other complicated working conditions of circulating fluidized bed units. The compensator takes the lead in domestic industry and has captured major market share.
  • 2003



  • 10000


    Factory area

  • 1100


    Company registered capital

  • 25


    25 national patents covering all high temperature expansion joints of CFB boilers

  • 65


    The products have been applied to 74 CFB units of 300MW and above, with a market share of over 65%.

  • 600



    The world's first 600MW CFB unit (White Horse) and the world's largest 660MW CFB unit (China Coal Pingshuo) all use company products.


Special production and testing equipment for non- metal compensator

The company has obtained 25 national utility model patents and has applied for 3 national invention patents.

The company has  a rigorous after-sale management system to ensure user rights.

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