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        Zhuji Fengze Power Machinery Co., Ltd., is an enterprise specialized in the research,  development and production of compensators in all fields such as coal-fired and gas-fired power plants. The company has strong design and manufacturing capabilities, all products are  researched , developed, and innovated independently and the company holds proprietary IPR  and has obtained the natonal patent. Among them, the circulating fluidized bed boiler slag cooler, ignition duct, feeder, furnace outlet, external bed and other compensators in complex working conditions are in a leading position in the country, and are currently in operation at home and abroad and are under construction at 300MW level For the above CFB boilers, the company's products have been applied to 74 sets, with a market share of more than 65%.
        The company is located in Zhuji City, the beautiful hometown of Xishi. The production line is close to the G60 highway and the transportation is convenient. The manufacturing workshop covers an area of ​​5,600 square meters, and has 38 employees, including 12 management and technical personnel, and 26 skilled technical workers. It is equipped with more than 40 sets of special manufacturing and testing equipment, which can meet various specifications and various working conditions. Conditional compensator products.
        In addition to strictly implementing relevant national and industry standards, the company's products also constantly absorb and digest the manufacturing standards of similar foreign products. All compensator products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, accurate manufacturing size, good interchangeability, no leakage, and easy installation. The company promises to users: the service life of the non-metal compensator of the conventional flue (operating condition below 700°C) is more than 8 years, and the service life of the high-temperature compensator (operating condition above 700°C) is more than 5 years.
        The world's first 600MW CFB unit (Sichuan Baima Demonstration Power Station), the world's largest installed capacity of 2x660MW CFB unit (China Coal Pingshuo), the first domestically produced 50MW heavy-duty gas turbine test stand, China's first overseas 1000MW unit (Zilazaa, Indonesia) 、China’s first overseas BOT project 2x620MW unit (Yongxin, Vietnam), China’s first 300MW class CFB boiler exported to Europe (Bosnia-Herzegovina), the first 345MW CFB unit exported to South America (Brazil PAPMA), domestic A 9H waste heat boiler (Huadian Zengcheng) and other compensators for demonstration projects are all pioneered by our company, designed, manufactured and supplied.
        In 2015, the company won the "First Prize of China Electric Power Science and Technology Progress Award"; in 2017, it was recognized as a small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise in Zhejiang Province; in 2018, it won the "First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award" together with the Baima 600MWCFB demonstration project; 2019 Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification; the product has passed the scientific and technological achievements identification of China Electrical Engineering Society and China Machinery Industry Federation. The company currently has 25 national patents and has applied for 3 invention patents.
        In 2019, the company successively signed a cooperation agreement in the field of combustion technology (clean coal technology) with the Department of Thermal Engineering of Tsinghua University, and established an intention to cooperate with foreign companies to develop internationally leading gas and burner technologies with a view to multi-party cooperation. Raise domestic combustion technology to a higher level.
        Excellent product quality, good corporate reputation, and thoughtful technical services are our guarantee of survival. "Cooperation and win-win" is our eternal business philosophy. The company has been working hard to create the "Fengze" brand, and sincerely hopes to cooperate deeply with our customers to create a better future together.