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Help "the country's important instrument"! Zhuji this enterprise, become the only one!

The first domestic G50 heavy gas turbine generator, known as "gas engine", has been connected to the grid in Qingyuan, Guangdong Huadian, filling the gap in the application of independent gas turbines.

It is proud that an important component of the expansion joint is manufactured by Fengze Power Machinery Co., LTD., a Zhuji enterprise, which is also the only domestic supplier of G50 heavy-duty gas turbine expansion joint.

The expansion joints being loaded and unloaded will be used in power plants in Indonesia.

These days, Zhuji Fengze power Machinery Co., Ltd. is in intensive production, full horsepower to catch up with the schedule and promote production. It is understood that the company was founded in 2003, twenty years, has been deep cultivation in the field of expansion joint, committed to do fine and sharp, so far obtained 25 national utility model patents, 16 national invention patents. In 2019, relying on the high quality and good reputation in the industry, we started to make supporting equipment for "national heavyweight" G50 heavy duty gas turbine and took charge of the R&D and production of expansion joint.



Chen Xiaojun, general manager of Zhuji Fengze Power Machinery Co., LTD., said that when the gas engine on the G50 heavy-duty gas turbine test bench burns, the whole flue will expand, and an expansion joint needs to be added in the middle to absorb and eliminate the expansion on both sides.



It is understood that heavy-duty gas turbine is the core equipment in the field of power generation and drive, and also an important symbol of the overall strength of a country's heavy industry. Because of the high technical threshold and complex technology, our country has been in the state of "choke" for a long time. Core equipment must be mastered in their own hands. In 2009, China began to go on the road of independent research and development. After 13 years of hard work, China's first independently developed F-class 50MW heavy-duty gas turbine finally ignited on January 3, marking the end of more than half a century of reliance on copying, introduction, joint ventures and market-based technology. As an important component supplier, Fengze Power is also "sharpening a sword for many years", after thousands of repeated tests, high standards to complete technical breakthroughs.


Chen Xiaojun said that some foreign enterprises of the same type of expansion section, the price is basically 90 million to 1 million yuan, which also involves a lot of on-site services, the cumulative price of about 1.3 million yuan a set, now all after the localization, the price of 400,000 to 500,000 yuan a set.


As the only supplier of G50 heavy-duty gas turbine expansion joint in China, Fengze Power Machinery suddenly gained a great reputation and received numerous orders. Now we have received about 600 sets of expansion joint orders. In the first half of this year, the order of the whole production capacity is quite full, and the delivery time is also quite urgent.

It is understood that this year, the output value of Zhuji Fengze power Machinery Co., Ltd. is 35 million yuan, and plans to apply for "Zhejiang made" and "special fine special new" enterprises. In the future, we will continue to base on the main industry, develop to higher, more refined and stronger technical fields, and strive to become a benchmarking enterprise in the industry and contribute to the development of national heavy industry.

Source: Marketing Media Center

Contributed by Chen Zeyan, Zuo Su Yang, Wang Zheng Hao, Zhou Bilin

Responsible editor: Shi Mengdi

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