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Service Commitment

        Service work is an important part of marketing management and the key to improving the quality and reputation of an enterprise. Service work directly affects the company's secondary sales. Satisfying customers and letting customers rest assured is the company's aim.
        The company solemnly promises that it will fully and consciously implement the product specifications and technical requirements set forth in the "User Bidding, Procurement and Bidding Specifications", so that product quality and service quality will be implemented throughout the entire process of product production, supply and service.
1. The company will strictly follow the GB/T12777-2008 standard and the American Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association "EJMA" standard for optimized design and manufacturing.
2. During the warranty period, all the products of the company are damaged or cannot be installed and used normally due to the manufacturing quality of the parts supplied by the company. The company is responsible for the repair or replacement without charge.
3. The company will send personnel to the site for free technical services at any time according to the buyer's requirements. During the trial operation, there is a problem with the quality of this product. If necessary, ensure that the person arrives at the site within 48 hours, and coordinate and deal with it in time to ensure the buyer's satisfaction.
        The company welcomes users to guide, communicate and supervise our company's product production and quality control at any time.
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