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◆The core member of Shenhua Guoneng CFB R&D Center;
◆The world's first 600MWCFB (Sichuan Baima) expansion joint technology research and development, manufacturing and supply unit;
◆The world's largest capacity 2*660MW supercritical CFB (China Coal Pingshuo) expansion joint R&D, manufacturing, supply unit;
◆Winner of the "First Prize of China Power Technology Progress Award" in 2015;
◆In 2017, the "National Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize" main technology research and development and application units;
◆The product passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of China Electrical Engineering Society and China Machinery Industry Federation;
◆2017 small and medium-sized technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province;
◆2018 Shaoxing City "Overseas 330 Talents Program" reward unit;
◆National High-tech Enterprise in 2019;
◆ Obtained 25 national patents.