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May 21st-Recommendation of power plant projects under construction

At 22:08 on May 22, Guizhou Yuanhao 350MW supercritical circulating fluidized bed boiler unit passed the 168-hour trial operation assessment at one time and became the 30th 350MW supercritical CFB boiler designed, manufactured and put into production by Dongfang Boiler! The boiler high-temperature non-metallic expansion joint designed, manufactured and supplied by our company has stable performance during the trial operation, and all technical performance indexes are normal.
This project adopts the new generation 350MW supercritical CFB boiler technology of Dongguo's independent intellectual property rights and is the 42nd supercritical CFB boiler put into production in my country. At present, the Dongbei supercritical CFB boiler has occupied 74% of the domestic market share (30 350MW supercritical CFB boilers + 1 600MW supercritical CFB boiler).