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Expansion joint

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An expansion joint is installed at the outlet end of the lower slag pipe. When the expansion joint is installed, it is determined according to the actual expansion value and on-site scale to determine whether pipeline presetting is required.
The lower slag pipe expansion joint can be selected between a three-dimensional water-cooled non-metallic expansion joint and an all stainless steel metal expansion joint.
Three-dimensional water-cooled non-metallic expansion joints and metal expansion joints of high-temperature resistant slagging pipes are the company's patented products.
The three-dimensional water-cooled non-metallic expansion joint is to use the cooling water of the slag cooler to form a circulation circuit to overall cool the expansion joint, effectively protecting the expansion joint steel frame and the lower slag pipe for cooling. The water loss during use is zero.
The design of the three-dimensional water-cooled non-metallic expansion joint adopts a fully sealed labyrinth structure, which can ensure that there is no slag blocking or slag inclusion phenomenon. The maximum displacement value can reach 180-250mm in axial compression and 50-80mm in radial displacement. The later maintenance of the product is very convenient, and the normal service life is more than 4 years. After long-term use, the product only needs to repair the outer non-metallic skin.
The metal expansion joint also adopts a full labyrinth structure, which has the characteristics of strong rigidity, simple installation, and no need for additional water cooling pipelines. Its disadvantage is that its three-dimensional absorption capacity is easily limited by the external dimensions, and the maintenance cost is high. As long as the joints are damaged, It must be replaced as a whole.
The performance and price of these two kinds of expansion joints are very close, and users can choose and determine according to the installation space and displacement.

Three-dimensional water-cooled non-metallic expansion joint


Slag pipe metal expansion joint

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