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Unit 1 of PAYRA 2×660MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project in Payala, Bangladesh successfully completed 720 hours of continuous reliable operation

At 17:30 on May 14, local time, Unit 1 of the PAYRA 2×660MW coal-fired power plant project in Payala, Bangladesh, using the boiler expansion joints supplied by our company, had stable performance during the trial operation period of more than four months. All indicators have reached the technical requirements of the boiler. The Payala project is the first 660MW coal-fired generating unit in Bangladesh. It is the China-Bangladesh major construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative jointly unveiled in Dhaka by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina. It is one of the cooperation projects of the US$24 billion loan agreement projects signed by Xi Jinping during his visit to Bangladesh. It is also the largest coal-fired power plant in Bangladesh's history.