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Slag pipe

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The lower slag pipe adopts a heat-insulating structure, the refractory material in the pipe adopts a double-layer structure, the inner layer is wear-resistant material, and the outer layer is heat-insulating material. In actual operation, the temperature of the external steel pipe can be controlled below 80°C. Casting nails adopt a unique spiral nail structure, which can make the refractory material and the mother round tube stronger and more reliable, and it is not easy to loosen; the casting moulds of the casting material are all formed at one time, and no any wood is used.


Castable grapple


Pouring mould

The slag hole of adiabatic lower slag pipe is designed into a strip shape instead of the commonly used circular hole dredging form. The circular dredging hole can hardly be dredged when it encounters a coal-coated tube with strong adhesion, and can be changed into a strip hole The dredging time when the slag pipe is blocked is more short and safe. The hand-hole door is divided into upper and lower parts. During dredging, as long as the sealing block of the strip-shaped hand-hole door is removed, the whole lower slag pipe can be dredged up and down. In addition to dredging the slag pipe, the upper strip-shaped hand hole can also dredge the slag at the corner of the outlet of the ash control valve, thereby improving the convenience of the entire dredging.

The service life of the first domestic 300MWCFB unit using this adiabatic down slag tube has reached more than 8 years, and the service life of the world's first 600MCFB unit (Baima) using this adiabatic down slag tube has reached more than 5 years. The 6 hours was shortened to 30 minutes.


Measured temperature during use of adiabatic lower slag pipe


No signs of red tubes during use of adiabatic lower slag pipe

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