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Slag valve

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1. Ash control valve
Newly developed and designed ash control valve (also known as cone valve), the valve head is cast with heat-resistant steel, and the nickel-chromium alloy content of the entire valve head is controlled during casting to ensure that the maximum heat-resistant temperature of the valve head can reach 1150 ℃, and the service life It is guaranteed that for more than 3 years, the unique hydrodynamic structure design is used inside the valve stem, and the cooling water is used to enhance the heat exchange effect and effectively extend the service life of the valve stem. Not easy to deform and twist.


Three-dimensional diagram of ash control valve


Ash control valve installation diagram (after three years of use)
2. Plug-in valve
The whole body material of the manual plug valve is Cr25Ni20, pressure resistance 1.0-1.6Mpa, temperature resistance 1000℃. The product design fully considers the particularity of boiler slagging and accident conditions. It has been proved in many large CFB boiler slagging systems at home and abroad that our plug-in valve has heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 3. Excellent impact resistance, quick opening and closing, low resistance, etc. During long-term use, there is no slag accumulation or slag in the valve cavity, and the safety is very high.

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