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Anti-wear slag valve

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Product description
Function and use
◆This product is used with thermal power ash and slag system, slag discharge, water and slurry of various rare minerals such as iron ore, copper ore and molybdenum ore.
◆This product uses pressure 1.0MPa-4.0MPa, use temperature ≤150C.
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Performance characteristics
◆This valve is a new type of high wear resistance valve independently developed by our company. The valve body is made of WCB castings, and its internal structure has been specially treated. A new layer of alloy material is lined inside the valve body, and its shutter is also used. The same material is adopted, and a soft polyurethane seal is used on the seal, which effectively guarantees zero leakage of the valve under pressure, and the opening is light and fast. The dredge groove is designed. When the valve is opened, due to the pressure, the fluid will be in A vortex is formed in the valve body, which causes backwash to the valve body and reduces the service cycle. The design of the channel guide solves the defect that the valve erodes and the backflow vortex wears again due to pressure scouring. That is, the fluid will flow with the channel while the valve is open. The valve body does not have any impact and wear. This breakthrough solution greatly improves the service life of the valve. The use of products in the mining field has been recognized for high quality.
◆This product has manual, electric, electro-hydraulic starting methods for customers to choose.
◆This product is used for vertical installation and horizontal installation, refusing to flip.


Main parts materials and names

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