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Pneumatic stone coal slag discharge valve

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Product description
Function and use
◆This valve is dedicated to the pebble coal discharge system of thermal power plants. Applicable medium: stones, coal, coarse particles or ash.
◆This valve uses pressure 1.0MPa-1.6MPa, air source pressure 0.4MPa-0.6MPa, working temperature≤350°C.
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Performance characteristics
◆This valve is a special valve for the transportation of stone coal and large particles from coal mills in power plants. The sealing surface of the valve body and the gate are made of hard alloy grinding, which is resistant to wear and impact. Due to the particularity of the valve, the internal components are designed with elasticity, and the particles will not be stuck in the seal or the valve cavity. The valve can be opened and closed flexibly. The outlet of the valve body is designed with a unique oblique strip-shaped push plate. Objects will be automatically processed into the pipeline by the push plate to ensure smooth operation of the valve.
◆The outlet channel is flush with the base of the valve cavity to ensure that slag will never accumulate (utility model patented product).
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