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Hollow cone nozzle, spray gun series products

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◎In the SNCR denitration system, the injection of urea/ammonia is the key to ensure the efficiency of denitration and ammonia escape rate.
◎Adjustable low NOx urea/ammonia injection spray gun developed for flue gas denitration is a spray injection solution specially designed to provide reductant for flue gas denitration industry burning fossil fuels. Through reasonable interface design, precise spray volume and spray distance The control ensures the denitration efficiency and ammonia escape rate.
◎The company continues to expand the research and development and production of boiler combustion equipment, and has accumulated rich technology and experience in compressed air atomizing oil guns. The SNCR spray gun developed in recent years combines advanced foreign technology with good atomization effect and long service life. The company's products are integrated layout, beautiful, simple on-site installation, etc., can be equipped with automatic telescopic device according to the owner's requirements, mechanical automatic telescopic, fixed type, with the DCS system, greatly reducing the difficulty of on-site operation, at the same time on the product Special anti-wear measures have been designed to greatly increase the service life in the CFB boiler.
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